Going solar for your company
has never been easier.

Take control on your energy bills & Create an Energy Community

How it works

Find out now how much you can save year by year with solar tribe thanks to your 300 m2 solar roof*.

Step 1

We analyze your energy consumption and building in order to give you a tailored solar plant proposition.


Step 2

You can review & modify the project based on your needs of CO2 reduction targets and energy spendings.

Step 3

Once the agreement is signed, we plan the installation ahead and take care of everything for you.


Our Solution

We give you access to solar panels without any compromises.

Pay only an annual fee

We invest in the installation of a photovoltaic plant on your property. The panels and their production are made available to you for a fixed annual price.
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Enjoy your green energy

Besides, we enable you to save on your electricity bill: you can cut up to 70% of your carbon energy footprint. Our solution is the best one for you and for the planet.

Dedicated dashboard

We give you access to your dashboard where you can track the amount of solar energy produced, your savings and your CO2 energy footprint.

Your annual financial savings

Pay for the energy, not for the grid

Without solar tribe

annual energy bills

30 000

With solar tribe

What you save every year

Yearly solar leasing 

4 000

21 000

5 000

annual energy bills

*annual Energy consumption & production of 160 MWh with a 40% daily self-consumption

Contact us

Julien Jirikoff

Co-Founder & CEO

At solar tribe, we do our utmost to make green energy accessible to everyone. We are convinced that schools, non-profit organizations and companies need one thing to make the leap: a hassle-free solar installation. This is the last step to help you gain back control on your energy bills.

What do we mean by hassle-free ? We take care of everything for you. And that benefits you, the planet and our solar community.

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